Linnea Engstrom


I’m Linnea and I’m a senior at the University of Southern California studying Environmental Engineering. I’m a California native, passionate about sustainable development, human rights, and innovative engineering. I love to travel and I’ve worked on humanitarian engineering projects all over the globe.


Sabine Saldanah


I'm Sabine and I'm studying journalism at the University of Southern California. As I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, lived in India for two years, and participated in an international engineering competition in high school, I developed a passion for innovation, global collaboration, and project management. Now, as a senior at USC, I'm excited to utilize my multi-disciplinary background to create products that can help people around the world. 


Sipporah Negash


I’m Sipporah and I’m a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering and Product Design at the University of Southern California. My desire in this field is to use engineering to impact change in new and creative ways, specifically in helping people gain access to clean water.